There was once an exceptionally outgoing, not exceptionally thoughtful, slightly clumsy, shorter than average, light and long haired, pale-skinned girl by the name of Gabrielle. She made friends very easily, and really enjoyed spending time doing things with other people all the time. Though she wasn't at all very good at things that required a lot of diligent study on her own, she had faith that so long as she had a lot of good friends around her to rely on, she would pull through. Even though she wanted to be better at things like the sports her friends took part in, and wanted to have the confidence to try harder in her studies and her work, she didn't mind being average so long as she wasn't alone. She took her greatest pleasure in the people around her and felt no shame in relying on them. She knew she could count on them to support her. Her friendships were her greatest pride and her most treasured possessions.

She had a particularly close friend, a 'best friend', one might say. Her name has slipped my mind, but suffice to say she was also the outgoing type who did not like to spend lots of time thinking and overanalysing things. She was also a little below average height but a little plumper than the average girl, of course, being the cheerful type, this did not bother her too much. She had shortish, brownish hair and freckles. The writer at this point was tempted to make this character ginger. But of course, we wouldn't want to have a best friend with no soul. That would be terrible for Gabrielle, to have a best friend with no soul. Anyway, she had brownish hair. They were quite similar in their personalities, Gabrielle and her best friend. Neither were concerned about competing with each other over such things as academics or sports. In fact, they were open and easy with each other at all times, and there never seemed to be a strain on their friendship. At no time did either one suffer from a need to feel superior to another, and hence take chagrin at such piffling things as a trivial award won here, or a grade dropped there. For, of course, neither were particularly skilled in academics, sports, or any other pursuits that one could name. So they would not be competing in the first place. Definitely not.

Anyway. The pair had met when still quite young, not yet halfway through teenagery. They had not immediately taken to one another, but certainly found one another's company pleasant. It was interesting to note that they had not initially belonged to the same friendship circles. Yet each felt that the other brought out something important in the other. Of course, quite soon they found themselves inseparable. Gabrielle actually managed to upset one of her other friends quite a lot by declaring her still unnamed friend as her new best friend. The other girl who had previously thought she was Gabrielle's best friend was distraught and left in a huff. Gabrielle did not care in the slightest, for she was callous and brushed off such things easily. Besides, she did not remember saying to the other girl that they were best friends to start with. Maybe she felt a little bad momentarily, but she talked about it with her (new) best friend and felt better immediately. Gabrielle of course, had faith so long as she had her friends, particularly her best friend around, that everything would be alright. She got over the loss of her sulky and petty other friend without any especial concern.

Of course, the episode really strengthened the bond between Gabrielle and her best friend. Now they were firmly cemented together and hung out all the time. They were the types who were always open about their thoughts with each other and never spoke in extensive internal monologues, hiding most of their thoughts and carefully choosing what to say before actually saying it. It was definitely the sort of friendship that could stand up to banter, no matter how violent or abusive. Definitely. One certainly wouldn't mind at all if the other said something that was meant to be gently teasing in a slightly offensive manner. They certainly wouldn't take it seriously and secretly nurse a slight, if nagging and ultimately corrosive grievance against the other if, for instance they made a joke about their proclivities towards certain stereotypes. Because everyone knows it's a fucking joke when you use really obvious stereotypes.

Just to be clear, this story is set in the future. In an all girls' school. In the upper atmosphere on the edge of space because, at this time (in the future) the surface of earth is crowded or uninhabitable or whatever and people want to live in cloud cities high up and stuff. Apart from being in the future, school isn't much different. People still do regular sports like cricket in the future. They just use futuristic artificial fields. In the future people still study regular subjects like Literature, Mathematics and Physics and the like. People also still play chess in the future. To be clear again, we are talking about the future. Which is similar, but not the same as the present. Of course, the future is definitely not the past. We are definitely not talking about the past. But that's not really relevant. Since this story is set in the future.

Gabrielle and her best friend were really very close, as we said. To summarise, they did not compete over things, they were open with each other, they enjoyed banter and did not harbour grudges over playfully teasing comments. They were also shorter than average girls at an all girls' school.

Simultaneously, they met a bunch of boys from the neighbouring future all boys' school. They also had no names. Being on the cusp of middle-teenagerdom and close enough to young adulthood, naturally, the two girls were interested in their Y-chromosomed opposites. The distinguishing features of the boys is not especially important. One had dark hair, one had light hair. We'll use that to distinguish them. There were more than that, but these two ones are more pertinent to the story so we'll leave the others out for now. They'll become more important when Gabrielle gets older, but at first they hardly have any contact at all because the boys are very keen to stay in their sheltered and secure world of limited options. Of course, as we said, Gabrielle is an outgoing type who would have sought out the friendship immediately if she had the opportunity, so it is definitely not her fault that she did not make friends with the others earlier. But that is a digression.

So they met boys. Gabrielle and her best friend that is. I say met, but being pre-adolescent-future-youths they were awkward and uncomfortable in person. They actually mostly contacted their gender-flipped interests by way of a future instant messaging service that at the time was more widely used than Facebook (no copyright infringement intended). A lot of awkwardness happened. This was unusual for Gabrielle and her best friend who were so used to getting along very easily with everyone. They were, for the first time, a little unsure of themselves. But of course, being best friends, they really supported one another. They gave each other very good advice, while still remaining very close and not allowing petty and inconsequential things to get in between each other. Throughout their painfully immature and utterly fruitless courtship they maintained a strong bond without any signs of damage or emotional fracturing brought on by feelings of betrayal, suspicion, jealousy, and general bad blood. There was no foreshadowing of ominous proceedings whatsover at all.

I forgot to bother to distinguish one boy from another by their hair colour. That's because those boys turned out not to be remotely important. Well, Gabrielle stayed quite good friends with one of them. They still keep in contact now and then as well. They're cool. The others... well, less said the better. Gabrielle, for one, rather wants to forget about the whole shindig. It was embarrassing for her. She isn't sure how her best friend feels about the whole thing. Probably doesn't care. For she was callous and brushed such things off easily. Wait, I think I flipped their personality traits for a moment there. Um, well, whatever, it's a mostly valid explanation. Don't sweat the small details, story onwards!

Gabrielle and her best friend were not well into mid-teenagerdom. But of course, being outgoing and confident in themselves, they had no problems dealing with the angst and trauma of their youths. After all, Gabrielle's most treasured things were her friendships. So long as she had her best friend to rely on, she would surely be completely fine.

There was one time where Gabrielle beat her best friend at chess. The best friend blamed it on tiredness. It was probably true that the best friend was tired, but she could have let Gabrielle have the small moral victory. The best friend always won at chess,  it's not like it would have been anything to her to just congratulate Gabrielle on winning instead of being all bitchy about it. Later, Gabrielle won the award for the best chess player in her school year. She happened to be sleeping in assembly at the time when the award was handed out. She almost missed out on collecting it. Her best friend did not complain about not getting the award, and was not petty and whiny and completely obnoxious about such an insignificant thing. After all, it was only a fucking school chess award. And their friendship meant more than that.

They met more boys. These boys were more interesting. They were generally more pleasant, had better personalities, and were kinder and friendlier. Gabrielle, being outgoing and naturally open found it easy to make friends with all of them immediately. She was not afraid of speaking to them too much and had no problem with letting them into her life. She can't speak for her best friend, and is not entirely sure how the best friend felt at this time.

Now, Gabrielle had the suspicion that two of the boys might like her. Being outgoing and confident, she did not dither around for a few months, and immediately approached one of the boys and asked her out. Him. I meant him. One of the other boys in the same friendship group, who was also friends with Gabrielle and her new boyfriend, went out with Gabrielle's best friend. They were certainly all very happily enjoying their young lives in future-school.

Gabrielle unfortunately had timed her first boyfriend encounter terribly, for she had to go away on holiday almost immediately after they began dating. The long time spent separately really damaged the natural familiarity between the partnership. By the time they met again in school, things were awkward and not at all the same as the outgoing and naturally confident Gabrielle had hoped they would be. She had gained lots of doubts about herself and despite having faith that her best friend would help her and restore her self-belief, the best friend was, in fact, completely useless this time around. Gabrielle lost confidence about herself and her relationship with her boyfriend. The boy could sense this and knew it was time to end it. Even though Gabrielle wanted to try more, she did not know how and accepted his decision. Even though it was painful for her. Ah, the pangs of teenaged romance, how Gabrielle would look back on those days with an odd mixture of pleasure, regret, and good-natured awkward humour at how inept she had been. Truly they were good times. Apart from all the angst. That was shit. In the future perfect tense of course.

Oh, the best friend was still dating her boyfriend. There was absolutely no resentment or bad blood between Gabrielle and her best friend about how useless the best friend had been when Gabrielle had needed her to support her convictions and encourage her faltering steps on this as yet unknown path.

But Gabrielle's best friend was a good best friend. She didn't spend all her time fawning over and pining after her boyfriend and instead made lots of time to be with her other friends and enjoy her own life as much as possible. Ultimately, she knew that Gabrielle was still important to her and that Gabrielle still treasured their friendship at this point, despite that useless blip over which there was no resentment.

Gabrielle became very close friends with her best friend's boyfriend. The best friend was not jealous. AT ALL.

Gabrielle, having a supportive best friend, pulled through her summative dumping just fine. She did not wallow in self-pity for a while. She did not struggle to come back to the real world after being something of a baby. She did not carelessly ignore and trample on anyone's feelings and regret it immensely later in the process of not wallowing and not being a baby.

The best friend's boyfriend dumped her. Truly, they were never meant to be, for waaaay too many reasons that were blatantly obvious, but noone paid any attention to. The best friend, who was not pigheaded or unreasonable, listened to Gabrielle, who tried her best to support her, though she was not very sure of how best to go about it. If the best friend had been pigheaded and unreasonable, Gabrielle would have thought it fair to take a portion of the blame for that, for Gabrielle felt that she may have said some things in the past that left a bad impression and perhaps not been taken in the proper light that she meant. Gabrielle would have worried that she had done her best friend a disservice by giving such bad advice in the past, if her friend had taken that advice in a different way to the way Gabrielle had intended and thus become pigheaded and unreasonable.

But in any case, there was no way that the best friend determinedly refused to speak to Gabrielle properly and the increasing rift grew between them because of Gabrielle's ongoing friendship with her best friend's ex-boyfriend (who unbecame an ex-boyfriend by getting back together with the best friend, despite it clearly being a bad idea). Gabrielle would think it fair to take a portion of the blame if such a thing did happen, but in the end, she did not care, for she was callous, but she did not brush such things off so easily. How could she trust someone she called best friend who had not spoken to her properly for nigh on six months? Ridiculous! Gabrielle would have continued to believe in her best friend until Christmas, hoping and hoping that she'd come to her senses and start treating her the same as before. Because Gabrielle's greatest pride was her friendships, she treasured them more than anything else, and she always had faith that her friends would stay by her to support her. She didn't mind being less than average at anything else so long as she wasn't alone. She did not believe for one second that her friend would completely abandon all ties of friendship, she did not give up on the friendship and lose all faith in the ties of honesty and trust. When the utterly selfish and insensitive best friend later, under some idiotic pretense tried to resurrect the friendship, Gabrielle was entirely willing to forgive him all the things he'd done. Her*, forgive her*. All the things she'd done and let her back into her life, because they had a true bond of trust, and the best friend wasn't just doing things conveniently because it suited her whenever the time felt ok to try and bring the friendship back from the dead.

Gabrielle's best friend got hit by a bus.

Haaaa haaaa haaaaarh.

A big, fucking, space bus, in the future. The bus reversed inconveniently and ran the best friend over for a second time. Actually, the bus had no wheels, since it was a space bus, it hovers. So it ran the best friend over by hovering. Hovering using rocket type propulsion requires the expulsion of hot exhaust. The hot exhaust would have spewed all over the best friend and partially melted her. Stupid hair and all. The heat of rocket fuel is immense, it is entirely likely that the former best friend's face would have completely liquidated. Gabrielle thinks that that rather improves the former best friend's looks. A stupid liquidated face rather suits such a stupid, washed up, splattery, drippy, weak, spineless, damp squib of a human being. Oh, but the bus' hover pads momentarily failed on one side, so one side of the space bus landed on the former best friend's legs. They were completely crushed. Don't think like pancake, think like play dough with toothpicks in the middle as bones, then you snap down on the play-dough legs with a large ruler or something, and you feel the toothpicks audibly snap and the bony toothpick shafts extend out of the completely ruptured play-dough thighs. Like that. But with the former best friend's legs and a bus. Miraculously the best friend survived, despite being mostly melted and having no legs below the snapped toothpicks of her femurs. She was able to waddle around on her jagged bone-stumps for the rest of her life. She had no sense of sight, smell, taste, or hearing. Since her face melted.

Huuur huur huur.

Actually, that's not true, nor is it plausible. Of course she died. It was just satisfying to have the gruesome, macabre, yet oddly desensitised humourous image of the legless waddling former best friend.

This has all gotten rather dark hasn't it?

To clarify, the best friend never got hit by a bus. In the future. Because we are not speaking about the past.

Noone wishes that the best friend get hit by a bus. Since we are not the sort of people who take pleasure in wishing misfortune on others.

But wait, have we not lost the whole thread of the story?

Then I shall give you an outro to explain what happened to the principle characters.

Gabrielle took up cross-dressing and is now masquerading as a boy. She is frequently questioned on her sexuality and gives excellent fashion advice. Everyone looks fabulous to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's ex-boyfriend is now a girl. She was always a girl in fact. She was cross-dressing to start with. Because she is a deceptive little creature. But they are still on good terms.

Gabrielle's former best friend's ex-boyfriend is also a girl. She actively enjoys cross-dressing and still does it. Her sexuality is also questioned from time to time. She's probably the most sexually ambivalent. As well as the most gender ambiguous character. Yes, even moreso than Gabrielle. Or so Gabrielle would like to think.

There are characters who did not get mentioned at all in this story. They rock hard. At least as far as Gabrielle is concerned. Because she treasures her friendships more than anything and always has faith in them.

There are no more important characters to mention.

This story is not to be taken seriously of course. We are not talking about the past. In any case, even if we were, it would be tongue in cheek, such things do not affect us anymore, for we are callous, and brush over such happenings easily. :P

The End

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