Jetlag, ElectrolagMature

What is that? I'm
Mainly asleep. I think.
It's not, no.

Scratching. My eyes won't stay
Awfully itchy. As if
Closing down everything. Heavy.
Weighty... Noisy eyes.

If only there were more
Violence. In my dreams.
That's not right. No, that's
Not it. What is that?
What is that?

Hums the aircon. Is it
Being sick on my head.
Broken air. The sockets
Cry. Try again, zzt, crackle.

Biri biri. That's not
Where is my shirt
And trousers.
What is that? I'm
Not asleep, no, noise. Eyes.

But. Buffering.
Brainlogged. Or should that be
Water, eyes, draining. Dust-
Lashes. What is that?

No. Hums the hotcon. Air.
Clever. Buffering buffer.
Clever. Zzt. But-
No, no. You're mainly asleep.
Remember that: you're mainly asleep.

In ten seconds the cicadas sing.
The aircon hums hot air, it's
Broken. While my waterlogged brain
Buffers. Slowly. Listening to the sound of endless electronic

The End

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