She's not the kind of girl who'd pose for centre-fold in magazines. Her description doesn't fit what most would say if you asked them "what would your ideal girl be?" She's not the kinda girl who does what the other girls do. She doesn't like wearing makeup. She doesn't appreciate lies, even the nice ones. She likes music in a discerning way. She's difficult. She's stubborn. She's proud. She's beautiful. She's witty. She's moody. She's got a terrible memory. She's a little dark inside. She's insensitive. She's hurtful. She's callous. She's cruel. She's kind. She's strong. She's weak. She's selfish. She's thoughtful. She's complicated. She's oh, so simple. She's gentle. She's rough. She's fickle and romantic and picky and frustrating. She's unfair, and impossible, and cold, and forgets promises, and breaks her word, and gives up easily, and won't remember things you thought were important, and will lie to you, even if it's only cuz she thinks she's helping you by deceiving you. And she's so, so special.

She's magic.

It takes time and effort and patience and humility to make magic work. It might never turn out how you expect, it might never become what you'd hoped for. But you'll never give up on real magic.

Because it's special.

Because she's special.

The End

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