The Annoyance of Writer's BlockMature

Ohhh. The annoyance of writers block!

One day I'm writing out tumults of work, pages and pages of stories about different planets and my planet and the problems with humanity! Then the next day, I sit at my computer, at a blank screen and all my brain can give me is

"I wonder what dad's going to make for tea."

And I stare out of the window, dreaming of sausage and mash, chicken and chips and a variety of other delicious foods, forgetting completely that I feel inspired and want to write!

So I try and write a poem about let's say, to be cliche, love. So I think about the feelings love give me and I'm starting to feel a prickling of inspiration in my head and sentences and sentences spill out onto the page. I think "That's good" And leave it for a day, then the next day when I look at it again. I feel horrified!

You're eyes are so green,

but your heart is so mean.

You don't want to be with me,

Oh why can't an I become a 'we'

Did 'I' write that? Did I really write that? *deletes* There that's a whole bunch of crappy inspiration gone down the drain to the inspiration sewers where most of the other soppy crap I've written is. Then I decide to quit writing and go on Sims 2 to create some characters instead (it's actually very helpful if you're writing a story.) Then I have to go somewhere, so I get up and go out and in the most inappropriate place, like in the middle of a play I have a strike of inspiration! And want to write it down somewhere, but alas, I've forgotten pen and paper.


"What? What is it?"

"You're daydreaming again!"

"Sorry, Kyle."

Then I return home and find out I have forgotten what the strike of inspiration was in the first place. Alas! Writers block, the plague of writers. It's not like I hate writing, but Policemen never get policemen block. Doctors never look at a patient and go "Oopsie, doctor's block" Office people never get Office block...wait let me rephrase that. Writers block, blocks up the inspirational waterfall for as long as 2 weeks to three years! It is both annoying and seemingly endless sometimes. Hence why I have written this...hey my writers block is cured! Thanks protagonize... :-)

The End

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