The Powerless Rise

But seriously what is anodyne?

I have decided to embark on a new concept.
As many of you will know, (or should know at least) As I Lay Dying will be releasing a new album come May the 11th, called "The Powerless Rise"
Now I love As I Lay Dying, and their lyrics, and way they are delivered. Their lyrics never cease to fascinate and amaze me.
So, I intend to write some lyrics of my own, (hopefully) in their style, under the title of the songs on the tracklist.
For example, the tracklist goes like this:
“Beyond Our Suffering”
“Anodyne Sea”
“Without Conclusion”
“The Plague”
“Anger and Apathy”
“Upside Down Kingdom”
“The Only Constant Is Change”
“The Blinding of False Light”
So I shall write the first song lyrics under the title of "Beyond Our Suffering" the second under "Anodyne Sea" and so on and so on.
This might and probably will be difficult.
I don't think this is copyright infringement (at least, I hope).
So, lets see how and where this goes!

What does anodyne even mean?

The End

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