Chapter 10: I Call Hax

There has to be another way! Welcome to level X

A level used by trainers who are bored or fed up with the monotony of previous steps. Other trainers reside here because they are too lazy. A level X trainer resorts to cheating or hacking. Some trainers (called Cheaters) will generate Pokémon or items that are naturally obtainable through the game. Other trainers (called Hackers)  will create Pokémon with impossible attributes, such as stats, abilities, moves, or even types. 

Yes, cheating is wrong, cheaters never prosper, <insert other obligatory phrase about cheating here,> but that doesn't stop people who have the ability to. In Pokémon's case, cheating is much faster, much easier, and it doesn't have any real repercussions. The one setback to cheating or hacking is that their products are (technically) banned from official tournaments. Cheaters can get by if their numbers appear legitimate.

There are several methods of cheating and hacking. One of the most common methods is using an Action Replay. This method requires the use of downloadable codes from a computer, which can be activated with a button combination. These codes can be used to instantly fill the Pokédex, max out all of the trainer's items, or, of course, create Pokémon.

Another common method, and a far simpler one, is using Pokésave. Pokésave is a method, which is used to directly implement Pokémon into the game from a computer, that requires tampering with internet settings. The trainer must set up their DS, 3DS, or 2DS to receive these Pokémon. This method, while faster and easier than purchasing and using an Action Replay, has far fewer connotations, as it can only be used to create Pokémon and the items they hold. On the other hand, for trainers that aren't particularly interested in the items and such that the Action Replay can offer would find this much more useful, as it can be used to create Pokémon with perfectly tailored EVs, IVs, and Natures.

There are many other methods to cheating and hacking, but these two are the most common/easiest.

Now, let's lay down some ground rules, by no means is anyone strictly required to follow these rules, but I find them reasonable guidelines to stick to.

1) Nobody likes to fight a Hacker, the Pokémon universe is built in such a way that it can make the playing field fair for everyone. Fighting a Hacker completely destroys this fair environment. If you are going to generate Pokémon, cheat, don't hack.

2) Play through the game at least once, legitimately before cheating/hacking. In order to get the full experience of whatever game you're playing, play through it normally. The game will never feel the same if you never play through it properly.

3) Try levels six through nine at least once before moving on to level X.

The End

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