Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Not a guide, nor is it a Pokédex. It is, plain and simple, a handbook. Within these pages, you will not only discover your level of expertise in the Pokémon universe, but how to improve it as well. Yes a Pokémon can get up to level one hundred, but in this guide, their trainers can only get to level nine.
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon nor any of its aspects.

Everyone starts somewhere, and to avoid sounding degrading, we're not going to call this area "level zero." Welcome to level one.

A level one trainer will rely solely on the Pokémon he or she started with, also known as their starter Pokémon. The starter is often chosen by how cool or cute the trainer dubs it to look. A level one trainer will commonly see Rare Candies as the greatest item, and they will rarely even consider obtaining other Pokémon. Understandable, seeing as, to them, their starter is the ultimate being, and spells out death to all that stand before it. A level one trainer's lack of understanding of Pokemon's mechanics will lead them to use only brute force to win battles. The only advantage level one trainers have is their ability to fully elevate their starter to level one hundred.

Pokémon is a game in which you explore a vast world filled with creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon and people form symbiotic relationships with each other. Some people in the world keep them as pets, but most of them train them for battle. These battles are on a turn-based system in which your goal is to completely diminish your opponent's Hit Points before they do yours. (More information on battles later) In this world, your goal is to defeat the Elite Four, an *ahem* elite group of trainers that boast the top positions in the Pokémon world. In order to even reach these trainers, one must first obtain eight Gym Badges by defeating the eight Pokémon Gyms spread throughout the region. Each Gym Leader, as well as each Elite Four member, uses only one type of Pokémon. (More information on types later) A trainer's ultimate goal is to fully complete the Pokédex for the region's respective professor.

The End

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