-Three people on stage. These are Joe, Jack and John all dressed in black. No props-

Joe: Hello, good evening, lovely to see you.

John: Yes, great to see you all. I'm John, he's Joe and he's Jack.

Jack: Well I hope you enjoyed the performance, goodnight.

John: Don't listen to him, he wouldn't know a cow from ummm... You.

-Joe and John both chuckle, Jack scratches his head and soon figures it out-

Jack: I would, I have 20/20 vision.

John: And a name from a nursery rhyme.

-Again John and Joe chuckle to each other as Jack storms off stage, both Joe and John should be calling him to come back. He sticks his tongue out and leaves fully-

Joe: Well, I hope you enjoy the performance.

-The stage should be empty. One actor in the center looks out at the audience. This is Alex, a 16 year-old who lost his parents in his younger teens. He now lives with his carer. He is playing his guitar-

F. Carer: (from offstage) Go to sleep Alex, you have college tomorrow.

Alex: Can't I have a few more minutes?

M. Carer: Don't make me take off this belt. Go to bed.

-Lights dim. Alex places down the guitar on the floor and lays on stage-

Alex: I hate them. I hate them.

-Alex should repeat this until fade to black occurs-

The End

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