Scientific Isolation

Sufferers were seen to grow pale, and yet their temperature shot up, as if with a fever. After this they began to gain a terrible cough, at some points choking up blood, which was found to be from severe damage to the digestive system; the stomach began producing an inidentifiable, yet potent chemical which began to erode the lining of the stomach - this was observed to last mere days, as a new, thicker lining was grown around it.
This change was an astounding discovery to those who knew about it - The sudden change in digestion produced severe, yet temporary, vomiting to those who underwent the change. The increased digestive ability of the stomach meant that ingested food was broken down astonishingly fast - and so the subject began to gain an insatiable hunger, as the food they ate appeared to be broken down so fast it was not able to be taken in to the rest of the body, and so they began to weaken.
This problem was "Solved", albeit by terrible accident. One subject, unable to control his hunger any longer, and not wishing to weaken further like the other patients, ambushed the assistant who was bringing yet more, now inedible, food. The subject mutilated and killed the assistant, tearing off limbs, and - to the horror of observers - proceeded to rip off and eat pieces of his flesh. It was not until the autopsy of the subject - who was quickly despatched - that the reason for this sudden change in behaviour was found.
The human flesh he digested, for reasons unknown, was the only known substance which would not be digested instantly by the new stomach acid - The process was slow, and took long enough for the subject to be able to take on the sustenance gained from this unusual choice of diet. Further investigation and experimentation showed no hope of finding any other possible diet - These patients, now referred to as "Zombies" by the least affectionate on the science team, could and would feed only on human flesh.

The End

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