The Plague

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MHMR, or Modern Human Mutating Rabies is and was the single mastermind behind the Neo-Noir Plague.
The virus, though small, was introduced through unknown cause to the ecosystem of Earth, though there has been much speculation to its origins.
Its most curious attribute was, of course, its selectivity in its carriers - Humans. MHMR produced no deviation or mutation when introduced to other organisms - goats, dogs, fruit flies, bats, even a colony of ants were infected with the virus and yet showed no changes in appearance, function or behaviour. And yet this was the beauty of the virus; it spread through other organisms, somehow surviving without causing them any pain or bodily damage. As it did so it slowly enveloped Human society. And then, it hit humans where they were weakest.

The first confirmed cases of MHMR were found in young children - presumably passed onto them from contact with pets or insects. At this time the infants were observed to be more aggressive to other people - even parents - when approached, to the point of biting or scratching people who got too close. It is also presumed that, at this point, the infection was passed onto adults. In mere days there were increased results of antisocial behaviour, assault and murder - Victims were found clawed and bitten, beaten to the ground and then torn apart. Police, at the time, treated it as a serial murder case.
It slowly became apparent that the mysterious bug which was suddenly breaking the record amount of missed work hours due to sickness, was linked to these bursts of violence. And so the investigation began.

The End

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