I Died Inside

I Died Inside

Verse 1
Today, I died inside
Nobody even cares
But I know I'll be weak
If my feelings I share
Better to appear normal
Than to prove, once again
I'm a failure who can't
Seem to keep my friends

So I laughed
And I smiled
And I talked
Like I was fine
And I pretended
I was okay
In reality
I died inside

Verse 2
I see the way they
Treat her like she's really something
If I know anything
Then I know this one thing:
Wallflowers cannot be
Someone other than background
Everytime we try to climb
We end up falling down

So I laughed (a little louder)
And I smiled (a little bigger)
And I talked (just a little more)
Like I was fine (I wasn't fine)
And I pretended (daily occurrence)
I was okay (dying inside)
In reality (harsh reality)
I died inside (for the hundredth time)

Oh, oh, oh - doesn't anybody care?
Are my walls so high they can't see
What's going on inside me?
Oh, oh, oh - are you all indifferent
To this tearing, cutting hurt
Or am I well-disguised under the dirt?

So I laughed (the loudest of them all)
And I smiled (the biggest of them all)
And I talked (I talked the most)
Like I was fine (so far from fine)
And I pretended (I've gotten so good)
I was okay (the biggest lie)
In reality (brutal reality)
I died inside (for the thousandth time)

I died inside...
I died inside. 

The End

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