the pill

chilling out in the aroma of sunshine
drifitng away in the clouds of heaven
into the nights of the soothing moon
i see a pill coming up from the ground
it delivers me from pain and i see that well
it gives me a smile that i need so well
it offers comfort in the most painful times
it requires nothing but a dime and my time
it is white, nor black or blue
it is light not heavy or gloom
it is small not big or wide
it is just a pill i was prescribed
by doctors i met a minute ago
by those who seem to know me so
they seem to know my issue and sickness
they seem to want my intrest
and than sessions come
sessions go
am i getting more problems so?
from mental to physical and back again
am i even happy as well
yet i hope and hope and hope again
for in the end i will rise again

The End

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