Idiot! Makani thought as she rolled under the brush, tucking her long hair into her tunic. More arrows struck the trees where she had previously been. The Elf can handle himself in a fight, but not in this environment. Can he?

Drawing back another arrow, she spotted a crouched figure in the trees to her right. Releasing it and returning to cover, she heard the sickening thud as the arrow hit true and made the bandit fall. Makani pulled out two more arrows out of her quiver and placed one in her mouth while she nocked the other. She heard another cry, one she hadn’t created. Peering through the bushes and past the trees, she saw the Elf tackling a bandit of his own, with those unique daggers of his.

I can’t believe these amateurs are after this man. He’s hardly of any consequence, and neither am I. Nor do either of us look it. Makani released another arrow that found it’s mark with ease. She kept the other arrow in her mouth as she scrambled up the tree she was behind, finding a perch where she could see the whole clearing.

“Stop!” a voice cried out. It was deep and masculine, “As I said earlier we’re only here for the elf!”

Makani spotted the Elf standing awkwardly behind a nearby tree, his daggers glazed in blood. She took the arrow from her mouth, scowling.

“So take him!” she answered, nocking her second arrow as she peeked through the branches. She loved the adrenaline rush of the fight, but killing wasn’t her cup of tea, albeit necessary.

The End

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