Makani blankly stared at the Elf as she shifted her weight to the right leg. In a derisive tone, she answered, “It’s common sense to know that most animals only attack in defense.” The way his eyebrows shot up, it was clear he caught the offense. She continued, refraining from smiling.

“In the bear’s case,” she slowly walked closer to where he sat, “You probably got between her and her cub. Believe what you will,” Makani now stood before him, hopefully demonstrating that she wasn't afraid of him, “I could just call her back.”

Calling the bear was a complete fabrication. But he doesn’t know that. The Elf shifted uncomfortably. Little was known about Makani’s people, and she would prefer to keep it that way. His eyes returned to hers.

“May I ask the charm-” he stopped himself, though it sounded like he was going to attempt to compliment her again, to sway her, “Your name?”

Makani debated to herself whether or not to tell him. There was little advantage in lying.

“If I recall, who I am is irrelevant.”

His broad shoulders shook slightly with his chuckle. He opened his mouth to speak, but clamped it shut tight once more. Makani backed up a few steps, a smirk parting her lips as she tilted her head. Moments of tense silence passed between them. Birds chirped and bugs hummed greedily.

“Why did you come back?”

Makani was slightly taken aback by the sudden question and change in topic. His tone seemed sincere while his grin was mischievous. Probably trying to keep me off guard. Holding her tongue, she merely replied casually, waving her hand, “Simple curiosity. One doesn’t usually find a stalker as clumsy as you.”

The End

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