“You don’t interrogate many people do you?” Mauorc remarked with a smirk. “Who I am is irrelevant. I could make up a name and you would know no different. No, you should have asked why I am here.”

The Nymph tilted her head to one side looking slightly perplexed while continuing to circle him. Mauorc wiped his hand across his face again to cover his smile.

I’ve got you intrigued now little Nymph.

The Nymph halted in front of him, studying his face carefully before finally asking, “Why are you here?”

“Why am I here? Why, I was merely out for a stroll when you saw fit to attack me and threaten me with your bow. That was quite rude by the way, very unladylike I must say.”

This time Mauorc couldn’t stop a smile breaking across his face. He lifted himself off the ground and strolled nonchalantly over to a tree stump and seated himself with his legs crossed facing the Nymph who had taken an involuntary step backwards when he had gotten up.

So you are smart enough to be afraid, but you don’t want to show it, interesting. Maybe these Tree Nymphs are more similar to elves and humans than I thought.

“So do you interrogate many people Mr Elf? You seem to think you know a lot about it.” The Nymph remarked smugly.

“When I have need to, however I prefer my own company, the conversation tends to be more stimulating.”

“So you talk to yourself then?”

“Uh… that’s not what I meant.” Mauorc flustered.

“But you just said the conversation is more stimulating? Perhaps I am mistaken? Maybe my grasp of the human language is not as comprehensive as I had thought. Would you rather we converse in Elvish?” The last sentence was indeed spoken in perfect Elvish.

Mauorc froze, immediately trying to recall what he had muttered earlier in Elvish.

What was it? Bloody women? Had she heard that? Oh bloody hell, now I’m definitely going to die.

The Nymph noticed his hesitation and smiled smugly, clearly revelling in his discomfort.

“What’s wrong? Tree cat got your tongue?” She continued in Elvish.

“My apologies, I was left speechless by your beauty” Mauorc retorted quickly and was rewarded with another confused look on the Nymphs’ face.

She really is quite beautiful.

“Are you aware your nose crinkles at the top when you are confused?” Mauorc continued smirking, “It’s really quite cute.”

The Nymphs’ eyes suddenly blazed for an instant. It happened so quickly, Mauorc was not even sure if he had actually seen it or just imagined it.

No, I definitely saw that. How have I offended her by calling her cute? Could that be a bad thing for a Nymph?

The Nymph took a step towards Mauorc and he uncharacteristically shifted uneasily under her scrutiny. Mauorc decided to try to change the topic.

Maybe I can keep her off balance if I keep switching subject?

“Thank you for your help with the bear by the way. Well the bit where you made it leave, not the bit where you hit me, that hurt. How did you make it leave anyway?” 

The End

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