Makani's legs burned from the strain of the chase. She watched him flail out and hit a branch. His legs went up as he fell. Stifling a laugh, she hopped down to the area where the Elf had landed most ungracefully. Stepping lightly so as not to alarm him, Makani circled his crumpled form. His hands reached for a dagger on his back. Makani gave him a half smile and arched an eyebrow. 

In my element, did you honestly think you'd have a chance?

"Has nobody ever told you not to play with your food?” The Elf demanded angrily, letting go of the blade. Makani took a wide stance next to him. She stared down at him. Some of her hair was loose and fell forward in front of her face. 

She shrugged one shoulder when she replied, "Cannibalism really isn't my thing," Makani moved her weight to one foot, and folded her arms, "however, kicking someone while their down, I'm totally fine with." 

Does intimidation work on one so solid?

The Elf rolled onto his knees, coughed slightly, and wiped his face with his hand. His cheeks were tinted pink from the excursion and he was breathing hard. 

"Who are you?" Makani firmly asked while she walked around him again.

The End

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