Mauorc watched her walk away from him, filled with confusion. This little Nymph was a mystery indeed, one that Mauorc intended to figure out. He dropped down onto the dirt path and listened to the forest living and breathing around him.

This is so much better than a human town or city.

Mauorc sat on the path absorbed in his thoughts until he noticed somebody coming down the path from the direction the Nymph had walked off in. His heart started racing, but whether for the thought of the Nymph coming back, or the thought that this person had hurt her, he could not tell. He scrambled off the path and climbed, rather ungracefully, up a nearby tree. For an elf he was largely inexperienced at actually living in a forest. Most of his life had been spent on the road and he had only settled in one place, a long time ago. That place had been home for a short while, too short. Now his insatiable desire for revenge was his home, it burned within him, keeping him warm on the cold nights.

The figure drew nearer and soon Mauorc could see that it was the Nymph once again. She was walking briskly down the path, eyes scanning the path and the forest around. Mauorc remained in his tree, afraid to even breathe lest she hear him. He had heard that Tree Nymphs could hear an insects breath if they so desired, but he hoped that this was a drastic exaggeration now.

Why is she back? To finish the job? Did she change her mind about allowing me to live?

The Nymph stopped on the path where Mauorc had been sitting moments earlier. He watched her eyes analyse the ground and then watched with horror as her eyes followed his path right up to the tree. The Nymph took a step towards the tree but Mauorc was already on the move. He turned, ran the length of the branch he was on and jumped to the next tree. The Nymph’s head snapped up in time to see him flying through the air. Mauorc kept running, leaping from tree to tree to try to distance himself from the Nymph.

What does she want? She doesn’t know I was meant to kill her does she? No point hanging round to find out.

The Nymph jumped up into the trees and gave chase. Soon Mauorc was struggling to jump from tree to tree, his breathing coming laboured and his muscles strained. Mauorc risked a look back to see where the Nymph was. She was very close and gaining quickly. He kept running and leapt for the next tree only to realise in mid-air that he would not make the jump. He threw out his hands to try to protect himself as he crashed into the branch. He scrambled for a grip on the branch but slipped and fell from the tree to land flat on his back. With all the air knocked from his lungs there was little Mauorc could do as the Nymph dropped from the tree to land effortlessly beside him. She circled his hunched form slowly. Mauorc reached for a dagger over his back but the Nymph just arched her eyebrow at him with a small smirk.

“Has nobody ever told you not to play with your food” Mauorc demanded angrily, dropping his hand from the blade.

The End

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