"Bloody women."

It took all the will Makani had not to turn on him. The nerve! Staring intensely straight ahead, she still sensed his everlasting emerald gaze on her back until she knew she was no longer in sight. The whole encounter she understood all he said, but the thing that made her so uneasy was that he never broke eye contact, save for when he first spoke. His eyes had trailed along the length of her, analyzing and calculating. His smile had been easy-going, almost charming, but Makani wasn't the type to lower her guard at such a simple gesture designed to do the previous. If anything, it made her even more uneasy and cautious. 

Makani silently scolded herself for letting him sneak up on her so close like that without her senses at least picking up something. Her mind had wandered, and she had almost paid an unknown price for it.

Thank the gods for that bear.

She tried to pace herself on the trail, but found that she was almost running. I must be trying to get as much distance as possible, otherwise I'd have nothing to fear. That elf obviously didn't know these forests. Some doubt still lingered in her mind. Makani slowly came to a stop and turned around to face the path behind her. 

"Who are you?" she whispered to herself.Out of breath, she folded her arms and stared at the empty trail. Makani bit her bottom lip as her eyebrows furrowed together. After minutes of silence, she looked up at the azure sky and stomped her foot. 

"Damn you, curiosity."

She shrugged her pack off her shoulder and pulled out a water skin. After taking a swig, she pulled out a leather strip and tied her long black hair back. Makani took another drink, wiped her mouth with her sleeve, and placed the water skin back in her pack. She placed the bag back on her shoulders and began walking back to where she had come. 

Maybe I can still catch him.

The End

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