Mauorc burst through the bushes and immediately found himself staring at the clear blue sky overhead. It took a few moments for the pain and shock to register and for his brain to piece it all together. Had that little Nymph really just knocked him straight onto his back with such ease? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bear charging through the bushes after him. Mauorc rolled himself onto his stomach, trying to control the sluggish, stunned responses of his body. He managed to focus his eyes but was unable to believe what it was that he was seeing. The little Nymph was staring down a bear at least twice her size. It looked like a child trying to halt a mounted knight, but to his bewilderment Mauorc watched the bear drop down off its hind legs and retreat into the forest once again.

The Nymph spun towards Mauorc with her bow raised and drawn but Mauorc could only stare into her stunning eyes as he struggled to his knees. They looked like jewels viewed through water, clear and beautiful and seemingly bottomless. Mauorc smiled easily at the Nymph hoping to ease the tension and get her to lower the bow, but it only caused her to draw the arrow right to the edge of the bows’ ability.

“I mean you no harm” Mauorc assured her in the human tongue, hoping that she understood it as he had no idea what language Tree Nymphs used, or if they could even talk!

The Nymph watched his every move with those piercing eyes as he struggled slowly to his feet. He kept his hands out to the side and moved very carefully so as to not alarm the Nymph. She was a strange creature, not many females of any race found his smile unsettling or unpleasant, yet this one did.

Maybe it was because she was a Tree Nymph?

“Can you lower the bow please?” Mauorc requested politely in the human tongue but the Nymph gave no hint of whether she understood or not and the bow certainly never moved away from him.

At this point Mauorc was getting very nervous. This Nymph was the most beautiful creature he had ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on and she could very well be the cause of his death by simply releasing the arrow from her bow. He took a step backwards to try to put some more space between himself and his impending doom in the hopes of giving himself a chance to get out of the way of the arrow if it was released. The Nymph kept the bow trained on him the whole time when suddenly she tilted her head to one side while staring at him. She lowered the bow and returned the arrow to its quiver. Mauorc breathed a huge sigh of relief and was about to ask her name when she promptly turned on her heel and walked away leaving Mauorc standing bemused with his mouth open.

“Bloody women” Mauorc muttered in elvish, just loud enough for her to hear as she set off down the path in the same direction she had been going before without a backwards glance. 

The End

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