An elf leaped across the path beside her. Makani's reflexes kicked in and she raised her arm up to his face, striking him down with his own momentum. A roar erupted from where the elf had came. A big bear barreled through the brush. She spread her arms wide and stood her ground. The bear reared up on it's hind legs growling at her. Makani tried to make herself as big as possible, considering her lithe figure, without moving. The elf behind her moaned as he held his face. 

The bear went back down to all four legs, grunted at Makani and quietly walked back to the forest. She turned to the fallen elf. Knocking her arrow once more, Makani pulled it to her cheek and aimed at him. 

He was clearly of a strong physique. His silvery hair was peculiar, but seemed to match his odd demeanor. He held up both his hands in surrender and came up to his knees. His eyes never left hers. 

The End

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