Makani strode into the stinking mud hut. A little girl had been having symptoms of the most grievous kind. Her eyes had been completely white for several days, and she refused to eat anything.

Makani tied a cloth over her face, telling the parents to remain in the main room in their native language. Cupping the girl's face in her hands, she inspected her. Flies had gotten into her eyes, nose and mouth. Makani shook her head, Silly superstitions that cause infections. 

She searched through her bag of herbs. Finding what she was looking for, Makani cleaned the child's eyes. They needed the most attention. She rubbed a fuzzy long leaf to make it warm, and tied it down on top of the eyes.

The nose was always the hardest to cleanse. Makani sent the mother for fresh clean water. 

"I'm sorry, sapling, but you won't like this." The mother came back with a bucket full of spring water. She nodded her thanks. 

The End

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