Introductions Seem to be in OrderMature

This collab story is still in the making. I'm thinking that this story line could be along the lines of Dragon Age: Origins. Story is still in the making!

RULES: I know no one likes these, but they should be around for safety

You can swear, but no dropping the F bomb. No one likes to read that. And don't just swear to swear, but if it's what your character would do, then you have permission.

This is a fantasy collab, so you can be a fantastic creature of some type, but you must be able to communicate with the other players. 

You must ask before joining, and be sure to give your character information in the comments, or on my profile.

Your first page should be how your character finds their way to meet the others, and more information, because some people don't read the guidance!

Let's have fun with this!

The End

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