If morality has so many different meanings, then how do we know what is right and wrong?

Pacifists are against fighting, however some countries say that citizens should serve their country.

By serving your country, you could be sent out to war. What happens if you kill someone while fighting? Does that count as murder? Or does that count as manslaughter? Maybe it is just counted as exteriminating the enemy like an exterminater would exterminate cockroaches?

Morality consists mostly on personal opinion. What you think is right or wrong. However, it may not be what all other's believe to be right or wrong. What I really want to know is this:

What is the ultimate right and wrong?

If there is such a place as heaven, then what moral choice do we have to make to go there when we die?

My other philosical question is this:

Which is tastier- toffee or fudge?

                                                                    That is all. (:

The End

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