A Smile, A Poem


Just think of Peter’s smile, my dear. The sort of smile that could make rain clouds dissolve and invite the sun to shine brightly in the sky...



Dear Tia, how right you are, for

Peter is but a smile -

           The defining expression of happiness, love, admiration

           wrapped in a simple turn of lip that

             opens the heavens,

             caresses your heart.

Such warmth cradles my mind

         in a blanket of fantasy,

         a quilt of romance, of

            the comfort of


When one feels doubt, and fear, future's fright-

        His simple smile could sweeten your mood,

        His word - a song - could lift a spirit so down,

            His angel wings taking the world from your shoulders,

            holding you in his gentle embrace.  

Now, my friend, dear Tia,

If I may inquire of you:

     How lovely would it be to live in Prince Peter's castle,

        To be a Princess at his side,

        To walk the Palace, Fantasy's garden,

           and stroll hand-in-hand,





The End

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