An Incredible Day


If an evening were so magical, I could hardly imagine the beauty of a day.


How we could walk endlessly, talk of anything in the world, songbirds of Romance fluttering on angel's wings. I could pour my heart before him in words, as if comforted by his understanding eyes that comprehend fully the scope of my very soul. I could similarly listen to him speak, of everything, enjoying the melody of his voice.


While being so deep a character, I could still see simply lounging around on a lazy afternoon, watching movies, as if admiring the passing clouds, content in just being together.


We may enjoy a quiet dinner in, or perhaps a quaint picnic on the lawn. (It turns out Peter can put together quite a meal!) After dining, we may go dancing - whether in a public square or in the prviacy of a garden, with or without music, it matters not. He romances me like a Prince would; twirling me effortlessly, guiding me smoothly, all with a soft, gentle touch. (Not only is he a cook, he is a lovely dancer to boot!)   We laugh and sing songs - he tells me what a beautiful singer I am, but it only shows how sweet he is as I have the worst singing-voice.


My heart woud sigh as we part to retire. Though, he gifts me with a good-night kiss, and that night I fall asleep, contented with sweet memories of the incredible day, dreams filled with his face, his voice, his kiss...



The End

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