A Magical Evening

More than see it, I can feel it. The contentment, the tranquillity, the sense of self-fulfilment produced by the near proximity of the Perfect Prince. And knowing his complete knowledge of me, he would take us out to watch the sun set in the summertime. Together we would sit upon a picnic blanket upon the grass in my local park, perhaps by the lock because that often feels quite an enclosed area despite the facility for people to wander across it for their own pleasure. Peter would put his arm around me while we gazed at the beautiful sky. We would sit in serene silence for as long as I felt it pleasant rather than tedious and when I broke it, perhaps by murmuring his name, tasting it on my tongue, he would regard me with gentle yet intense eyes and apologise for losing himself in a world which could never compare to what he viewed of my ‘radiant’ soul.

“Oh, my darling,” I’d reply, softly sighing in awe, and he’d shift his position so he could pull me onto his lap and wrap his arms around me the way I’d like it, and he’d kiss my hair and say, “Tell me a story, Tia, or whatever else you’d like to say. I’ll listen as well as I can though I might just drown in your voice.”

So I’d talk, saying random, romantic things, perhaps composing a line or two of poetry in my inspiration but then I’d lapse into silence again, re-absorbing the feelings that had leaked into my aura, really just gratified to be in Peter’s presence.

And maybe he’d sit quietly like he did before but I am sure he would equally as likely as be inclined to kiss me, initially beginning with light kisses on my head and the back of my neck but then moving his head and shifting me slightly so he could kiss the side of my neck and my cheek before we both moved into a position where it would be most comfortable for his lips to find mine.

And so I’d find myself floating in his love, soaring through the skies of my own, falling through the leaf-like depths of his eyes even as mine closed, singing even though my mouth never once moved from his. I’d find myself in absolute bliss.


If this is a single evening, what would a day be like...?

The End

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