Aspects of a Jewel

How is one to pick a favorite aspect of a jewel so fine, so free of flaw? To choose a single characteristic of so divine a soul seems nigh impossible.


But to look at such a diamond with a jeweler's magnifier, you can see the grander vision of detail, the crystal mirrors separately defined, yet one.  


I can only envision his willingness to sacrifice his happiness as to support Tilly in her choice against him for her own happiness, and the kindness displayed by his considerate heart.


So beautifully does that kindness reign over all other aspects of his personality, discernible only as that gold crown from which they all descend. He is only good intention, so humble a mind behind his handsome facade, so pure a spirit beyond the clarity of his eyes.


One would only have to spend a quiet moment with such a princely subject to see the magic of his company. Could you a imagine so lovely a breath of time? What a beautiful evening could be spent idle at his side?

The End

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