Tia's Perfect Guy

“Oh, Peter, dear Peter,
Did the stars ever cry so hard as the time you fell from the skies?
Did the land ever sigh so expressively as the time you first walked across it?
Peter, Peter, Peter.
You are wondrous, magic, perfect."

I can see him reading these words with a smile on his face, half amused by the idea of two young women writing poetically and romantically about him, half flattered nigh to the point of joyous tears at the love we hold in our hearts for him. He is never shy to show his emotions, Peter - a reason that I for one particularly adore him. The openness of his eyes is like the illumination of sunlight and one can truly believe that ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ when gazing deep into his. Though of course it is difficult to do much more than sigh contentedly when regarding Peter. All thoughts are near driven from one’s head and we can luxuriate in a blankness filled with our wordless feelings for him, his caressing smile and his words which fall as perfectly as leisurely, un-biting snow.

‘Oh, Tia,’ he might murmur softly, causing my heart to flutter before near collapsing with the sheer intensity of his tone. ‘I really don’t deserve this.’

He really is too modest.

I remember him reciting Tilly’s poetry before her heart betrayed her and left her with a boyfriend so less awe-inspiring than Peter. How amazed was she then.

'Change me completely, oh gardens so fine, as I lie on your lawns and our fates intertwine'

Peter was everything I could have wanted from a guy: romantic, caring, understanding. At times I have felt to be betraying myself as the sorry tale of ‘I know you’ unfolded, Tilly choosing Romulus and tying her soul to his (of all things!) against all rhyme and reason. In real life, there would be no question of a doubt that I would choose Peter over Romulus, and if I truly found my Peter, I doubt I’d ever be unhappy again.

So, I turn to a writer whom I have written joy-bringing duos with, who shares my adoration of Peter (and would, frankly, deserve him better than I for resisting Romulus’s devilish charm and loving Peter more since the outset). My dear friend, what is your favourite aspect of Peter?

The End

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