The Heart's Fantasy


Can every girl be allowed her Prince? The opportunity to be charmed by the profound fantasy of admiration?


No true romantic can deny the ability of this Peter to play at the strings of a heart dreaming of such whimsical fantasy. Is he not the ideal? The perfection wherein lies a lover's happiness?


In a garden of romance one is free to walk hand-in-hand with the character dubbed 'Peter'. It seems as if I know little of him, but everything, all at once. He is of beauty in mind, in heart, in appeal. There is nothing that wavers in the eye of his soul, the conviction of my feeling.


How he can so easily summon a fleeting blush, a giddy smile, a nervous laugh. How he can make one feel so foolish, yet so perfect. In wordless glances, in sweet, idle conversation, he holds you in rapture. He is your every command; however, he is only at your command.


And as we stroll over the rainbow arch of a dream, I cannot help wondering if this fantasy is the love my heart has longed desired...?

The End

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