The Peter Fantasy

This piece of work is solely for ZillaGirl and I to contribute to. But feel free to read.


Who's Peter?

:O You don't know! Why, then, you really need to! Peter is my idea of the perfect man, and, I believe, ZillaGirl's too. He's kind, caring, pure of heart... Perhaps a bit of a male Canon Sue but you can forgive a girl her dreams, right?

Peter is a character in a solo piece called 'I know you'. He has brown hair and green eyes and he lives in a parallel world called Asteria. He has a brother who is his complete opposite but we really don't need to go into details there.

This collab is a collection of pieces involving/ addressing Peter, be they love poems, songs or daydreams about him, diary entries in which we describe fictitious events inspired by our imagined view of him or anything else that comes to mind as worthy of the beautiful prince.

This is The Peter Fantasy.

The End

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