It's Been Awhile (again)

So, this is really just an update. I moved to a new state in the summer of 2014. I made a bunch of awesome friends and overall had a pretty amazing year. Then, my parents ended up not liking being down there, so we moved again. Back to the state I used to live in.

Now, about perfectionism. Over the past year, I've stopped caring so much about everything being perfect. I still worry about my hair and occasionally my weight, and of course I always want to keep my room clean, but I'm no longer striving for absolute perfection in every single area of my life. I realize now that nothing is perfect, nor will it ever be. I will continue to try and make some things in my life better, because I strive for happiness. Making everything perfect, however, no longer makes me happy. 

I'm happy to be able to share that with you guys and this will most likely be my last post in this work. Thank you.

The End

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