It's Been Awhile.

I know that in the last chapter I said that I was done writing this story, but recently I reread it and decided to keep writing. I know that I said that I wasn't really a perfectionist anymore, but that was a slight lie.

So, time to update you on my life. 

I ended up hating my seventh grade year. I was so awkward!! There was pretty much only around 10 people or so who were my friends. People started spreading the rumour that I was gay. (Which, I'm not.) 

I was still a perfectionist that year, but I was okay. I slowly stopped caring what everyone thought about me. 

So, now I'm in eighth grade. This year has been great so far!! I have a great group of friends and I've had so much fun. I've tried for great grades still, but I'm definitely a lot more laid back. I even have quite a few good guy friends! 

But, about a month ago I found out that I would be moving. To a completely different town, in a completely different state. I took the news pretty badly. I cried a few times and my parents and I slightly got into it. They said that I was just trying to make them feel guilty by always wanting to talk about it and sometimes crying. I think that's just because they do feel guilty. 

Also, this school year, I've been having a lot of doubts lately. Doubts about God. I don't know where it all started coming from, but I don't really have any doubts anymore. God and my friends and family helped me through them. 

I'm doing okay now, feeling so much better about moving and everything else. And I think I'm going to continue writing in this. Hopefully I'll remember to.

The End

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