Just a Smile

The children who are autistic, are always signed (or rather put) into choir. I only knew a few from the year before.

I feel so bad for them. All of them always sing on "karaoke day". They don't usually sing to what is considered the angelic standard, so they always get made fun of. They don't really seem to realize it, either. At the end everyone always tell them that they did a great job, though.

Anyways, I'm almost the only person in that class who doesn't make fun of them. I always smile at them and say hi to them. 

Then they all ended up addressing me by my name. I was so confused, because I had never told them it. I believe they purposely learned my name so that they could talk to me easier, since I was so nice to them. I was so glad that they realized that I was their friend.

The End

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