The Start of Seventh Grade

Three days ago I started seventh grade. 

The first two days were nothing but going over the rules and procedures. It was very boring but the second day was pretty good since I had homework. (I know, that sounds weird that I like homework since I'm in seventh). 

But today, was a great day. English and Math are going great (my favorite subjects) and my other teachers are pretty awesome and funny.

One teacher I don't care for very much, however, is my choir teacher. He talks to us like we're the most professional singers in the world. He doesn't ever go over anything with us he just says "Okay, you got it". Then he also doesn't sing with us so we know how to sing the song. Ugh, he just annoys me. Everyone wants to quit choir because of him.

Well, anyways, overall, school has been pretty good. I just hope that my perfectionism isn't too bad this year, even though I know it will be.

The End

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