Writing In A Journal

About two weeks ago, my youth group leaders now had us start writing in a journal. They said it was important for us to start doing this, because it's good to write down our thoughts and everything down because it may help. (I know, prayer helps a lot, too).

What we write in the journal is about how God had spoken to us through his word that day, what our prayers are for that day, and how we worshiped Him today.

It's hard to remember to journal everyday, and I feel bad because I had to finish last week's to get to this week's, because I had forgotten some days. 

They had also read us some Bible verses that said that God journals about every single one of us. Everyone. They also said to everyone, "God journals about you, how does that make you feel?". I don't know about you, but I feel so very special and important. I feel so happy that someone would actually journal about ME!

If you know how that makes you feel, tell me about it. :)

The End

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