This Summer

That Summer after sixth grade, all I basically did was go to church. 

You see, my church does services on Sunday and a youth group thing on Fridays. This Summer, I went pretty far in my walk with God. Mostly Friday night youth group things was what helped me the best. 

Those nights taught me so much that I couldn't learn when I was going to school. The devil always tried getting into my thoughts. I couldn't concentrate very hard because of this. 

But I did learn a lot. I learned about almost every single trial you would face as a christian and how to deal with those. The main answer was to pray to God. You should know many verses to help you, too, to help you out with how you should deal with those problems. 

Don't get me wrong, though. I could ALWAYS learn more. I definitely don't know everything about the Bible. Or God, for that matter. 

The End

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