The Worst Part About Sixth Grade

The school year after that Summer, I was a bit buffer. Not by much, bust still. I walked through the door and immediately I knew I would hate my sixth grade year. Not because I would get bullied, but because everybody did and said things that I hated. 

They talked about such vulgar things. They said they were mature, though they weren't. They laughed over the stupidest things that weren't funny. They talked about "having fun", if you know what I mean.

They all thought they had to have a girlfriend or boyfriend to be cool. They thought they all had life figured out, at sixth grade. At SIXTH grade.

I had to literally bite on my tongue and cheeks so that I wouldn't scream at them. I wanted to tell them that they were all wrong. That they had no clue what life was really about. 

You see, that's why I don't have very many guy friends. They all made me mad. They all talk about drugs and "having fun". They all thought that everybody had to be great at sports, and everything else I mentioned.

But the one thing that made me mad the worst, which is weird since I hated everything they did, was that they were all so very competitive. I absolutely hate it when people are competitive. I hate it!

I had more girl friends than guy friends. The girls weren't as bad as the guys, but the drama they started was the most stupid drama I had ever heard. 

And I'm not joking.

So, you can guess that I absolutely hated sixth grade.

(Noted: I couldn't wait for this chapter because I wanted to tell people about my feelings on this subject.)

The End

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