Working out

That Summer after school, my Dad started taking me downstairs to start working out. He said that now that I'm 12 that I'm able to start.

I was very excited about that. I felt as if I needed some more muscles. (My arms were almost like noodles).

So we went down to our basement to start working out. He explained to me everything that he was going to have me do. He demonstrated what I was going to do, then he had me do them.

At first, it was a little hard. Especially the bench-pressing.

After a little while, it became easier for me to do the things, and I started doing more of them. 

You can guess what happened from there. I wanted to work out a lot more then I needed to, because I wanted to have very nice muscles and nice abs. (I know this sounds weird coming from a 12 year old). I knew that it would take awhile before I would be able to pull that off, but I wanted to be perfect. So, naturally, I would want very nice muscles and abs.

The End

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