It Wasn't Just a Stage

Several years ago, whenever I got up for school, I had to look perfect. I took a shower, combed my hair, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I went to the school with clothes that were 'cool'.

During school, I would get straight A's. If I even got a B+ on anything, I would ask for extra credit. I tried my hardest to get perfect attendance, though I couldn't complete that one. I had to have all of my essays perfectly written. I also hated it when words are spelled wrong. If any word is spelled wrong, I almost had a panic attack/nervous breakdown at the sight of it. If I saw a sentence that was grammatically incorrect, I would flip.

My room needed to be as clean as possible. Everything organized in a drawer or in my closet. My bed neatly made. My floor spotless. 

I'm still like this, too.

I knew that it was weird for me to be acting like this, because I never used to. I thought it was just a stage.

I was way wrong.

The End

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