An Autumn Afternoon

A collection of perfect moments, as they happen. No guarantee that there will be more of my own added to this, but I like to think that there will.

Please add a perfect moment, if you have one xoxo

Today, there is a feeling over contentment blanketing me. The weather has chilled so beautifully, the type of temperature that calls for hot chocolate- marshmallows completely mandatory. For no longer than fifteen minutes,I sat on my swing, folded it out so that it resembled a swinging bed, and huddled under blankets with a steaming cup glued to my hands. I felt happy, like everything was perfect. I forgot to think about the bad, bitter things that usually have a permanent residence in my memory.

And it was nice. I've forgotten nice. It was so uplifting to be reminded of the small, seemingly insignificant, perfect moments that happen. It was nice to be able to breathe freely, to just swing and watch nature as it aged to brilliant flames of colors, then fall to the ground- a carpet of the summer past.

In a way, the moment was fleeting, barely noticeable under the weight of the storm brewing in my head. But it was there, rejuvenating my spirits, showing me that there was something to live for- even if the world around was slowly decaying, and my days were numbered. For a moment, I lived carefree, unafraid of anything.In a span of fifteen minutes,I was reminded of the good things.And it set my heart free from worries.

It was beautifully tragic in its sudden existence, and its quick disappearance.

The End

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