Princess Poppy and The Dragon (2)

They walked around a hill and came to a house. Poppy knocked on Jackie’s door and it immediately opened.

“Come in,” said a voice. Louise led Poppy through the door and they entered a living room, where a boy was sitting in an armchair by the fire.

Poppy instantly fell in love with this forest boy. Jackie must have loved Poppy as well, because he suddenly said, “Out love is over, Louise.”

“Fine.” She shouted, “Fine!” And stomped out. Poppy said goodbye to Jackie then followed Louise out.

Suddenly Poppy realised that her cousins had not been following.

“Hey guys?” she called, “Guys?”

Poppy turned to Louise. “Where are my friends?”

“I don’t know; you must have left them behind…”

“I’ve got to go.” Poppy said impatiently. “To find them.”

Poppy wandered off looking at the ground so she did not see where she was going.

Meanwhile Jackie had followed Poppy and wondered where she was going. He was surprised to see that she was heading straight for Herbert’s den!


Emily and Zante were in a cave for some odd reason.

“I wonder where Poppy is,” Emily asked herself.

“No idea,” whispered Zante, “But it is very dark in here.”

Zante lit a candle from her rucksack and said:

“I’m going to find Poppy ‘cause she might be in trouble.”

Then she ran swiftly down a tunnel

“Idiot sister!” Muttered Emily, when Zante had gone.


A great puff of smoke made Poppy look up. She screamed! Poppy tried to swerve Herbert but he trapped her and tied her to a post. It was a boring 20 minutes or so whilst Herbert digested his last meal: a forest child.

Then Zante came running in from the tunnel near Herbert’s den. Herbert trapped Zante too and tied her to the post with Poppy. Next Emily came running out of the tunnel near Herbert’s den (she had followed Zante). Just as Herbert was about to catch Emily, Jack came swinging down!

After confining Herbert to a part of the forbidden forest only and freeing the girls, Jack explained that he was not a forest boy, but a Prince undercover from a far away land, come here to search for his princess.

Finally Princess Poppy had a Prince. She was happy.

The End

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