Princess Poppy and The Dragon

I found this in my Year Six Literacy workbook. I don’t know if there’s any more to it but it’s pretty weird as it is. Especially since my younger self named all the characters after people I knew in my Primary school.


Once upon a time there lived a dragon. A big black scaly dragon who lived alone. Not far from his lair was a castle, where Princess Poppy lived with her parents, King Iain and Queen Anna. The King and Queen were old, so they wanted Poppy to find a Prince and rule the Kingdom.

Nobody liked Herbert the dragon because he ate people and Poppy did not dare to cross further than his den in search of any Princes.

In a far away country a Princess named Emily and her younger sister Zante were not afraid of the dragon and frequently came to see the lonely Princess Poppy, who happened to be their cousin.

One day, Emily and Zante came over from their far country to see Poppy, but a forest boy called Toby followed them. Emily reached the drawbridge and portcullis first, then Zante, and last of all Toby came sneaking behind. Poppy saw them all coming and told the guard to let the drawbridge down and let them in. Poppy, who was still looking out the window, suddenly noticed two different figures running towards the drawbridge.

“Raise the drawbridge!” She shouted to the guards. As the figures got closer Poppy could see that they were two forest people, a girl and boy, hand in hand.

“What are you looking at, Poppy?” suddenly said a small voice behind Poppy.

“Stop being so nosey, Zante!” said another, firmer voice.

Poppy spun around, and there was Emily and Zante, grinning from ear to ear.

“I repeat,” said Zante, bossily, “What were you looking at?”

“Don’t mind Zante, Poppy,” Said Emily, “We were wondering if you wanted to go on an adventure?”

“Yes, of course.” Poppy loved adventures.

Soon the three girls were about to set off, their backpacks bulging with equipment.

“Bye, Mr. B.  Bye, Mrs. B,” Called Emily and Zante happily.


“Where…” Said Poppy, “What, where…where shall we go?”

“To the forbidden forest,” suggested Zante, “Or we could go to Herbert’s den-” But just as she spoke, they had reached the forbidden forest.

“Come on,” urged Poppy.

Suddenly as the entered the forest, a shower of arrows came at them.

“Duck,” shouted Poppy and, as another shower of arrows came at them, she said, “Leave this to me.”

But Zante and Emily said together, “No, take us too, Poppy!”

So, after a lot of arguing, Poppy gave in. The arrows were still flying at them so Poppy had to duck behind a tree. Finally Poppy ducked out from behind her tree and said:

“Stop, I’m a princess from the castle nearby, and if I die-” Poppy stopped speaking and looked at the person who was firing the arrows. She gasped; it was a girl. Poppy looked closely at the girl and then said, “You were the girl who was running towards the drawbridge this morning. Who are you? And who were you with?”

“I’m Louise,” replied Louise, “And I was with Jackie, my boyfriend.”

“Can I see him?” Said Poppy.

“Okay,” Said Louise, “Come on, he’s this way.”

The End

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