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Recently I was flicking through my old Primary school books and I found my ‘Literacy’ book. That meant I had done writing in that book! My curiosity was piqued! Opening the book I was confronted by an exercise that my younger self had written called ‘Supposing’. I remember that we had been given the title and we had to ‘suppose’ a journey. My journey involved me falling down into a black spot of nothingness. Here is a snippet to get you used to my Year Six writing style:

In the jungle, suppose a GIANT crocodile jumps out and runs after me. Just supposing I have nowhere to go and the crocodile gobbles me up. Just supposing I am falling…

Etc, etc. Pretty strange, right? And my teacher had even put ‘Well done, Angel-what a way to go!’ So I suppose *giggle* my younger self was proud of that piece. Hmm…I dunno what I think of it now…

My Year Six Literacy book also included a long-short-story (not even now can I do short stories), its characters based on dolls that I received at Christmas. When I was that age, a lot of my characters where based on real people or real things, or they at least shared the names of living things. I remember that I typed up the long-short-story, attempted to draw the characters (I couldn’t draw back then, and I still can’t draw now), and stuck the four A4 pages and pictures onto black card so that my teacher could put it up on the wall! What can I say? I was eager to get noticed!

Spread out among various other poetry or non-fiction exercises was another story, that, it seems, I spent a lot of the book doing. It’s what inspired me to create this Protagonize exercise and it’s the first story to be added to the exercise. Princess Poppy and The Dragon.


Have you had any experiences like this? Tell us your story! (Literally!)

The End

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