DethnusAckearose: Mystic Chronicles Book 1 The Prince ParodyMature

All characters belong to DethnusAckerarose, this parody focuses on the banter between two of them, It was too hard to include them all. Hope you enjoy!

(Somewhere on a winding road)

Zane: We-have-to-find-my-brother! What-are-you-doing!? 

Thorn: Just stopping to rest my legs Zane sweetie, sit down and relax.

(Zane grunts) 

Zane: You're as weak as you are irritating!

Thorn: (Mocking him in grunts) You-weak- I- strong- I- grunt- uh-uh-uh (she laughs as Zane goes red) lighten up misery guts! 

Zane: I don't think you realise how important this is!

Thorn: Everything's end of the world this and we have to do this or we die that. Can't we just sit down and stretch our legs for ten minutes?

Zane: You don't know what sort of scum are around here! We could be killed if we stop for too long! 

Thorn: Well I'd rather die smiling than die a marching misery

Zane: Then you're a fool that knows nothing of honour and duty and...

(Thorn yawns and clasps her palm in and out to mimic his endless talking) 

Zane: (noticing this) And now you're disrespecting me! 

Thorn: If I really disrespected you, would I still be here?

Zane: You'd be helping me track my brother like you told me you would! 

Thorn: Not everyone obeys every word you say, maybe that didn't teach you that in your stuffy castle but you need a reality check.

Zane: I need a reality check!? 

Thorn: Why yes Zane honey

Zane: SANDS! 

Thorn (giggling) So cute


Thorn: Sure there isn't, Mr too upper class to even call me a bitch and Mr I can use shoot pretty icicle's from my fingers...

Zane: Shut up...

Thorn: You think you're so dark and mysterious but you're so easy to read and so dull...

Zane: If I'm so dull than why are you laughing at me?

Thorn: Because of how stubborn you are! It's funny! Being around you is entertaining because you're so uptight and fun to wind you up...

Zane: So this is just fun to you!?

Thorn: Oh sorry Zane my darling, am I a thorn in your side to you?

(Zane strides on ahead, Thorn follows him) 

Thorn: Sorry, but you are being about prickly...

(He tries to stride along faster, Thorn keeps up with him) 

Thorn: I mean I must be a right sharp pain in the butt right?

Zane (exploding) SANDS! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! 


Thorn: Looks like I hit a point, still, Such a gentlemen, you still didn't swear.

(Zane simply moves onwards) 

Thorn: Any other man would have raped me by now, or had thoughts of it. You're so different and weirdly enough I like it.

Zane: Well I don't like you, so just help me track my brother and we'll never have to see each other again.

Thorn: Aw, I don't like the sound of that, we were just getting to know each other.

Zane: No we weren't

Thorn: So stubborn.

Zane: So irritating.

Thorn: So... now were walking along we... might as well pass the time.

Zane: We've spoken enough! Let's stay silent and wary

(Silence is achieved for 10 seconds) 

Thorn: No screw this... I'm bored, let's play I spy! 

Zane: You are not serious.

Thorn: I spy something starting with M and ending in D. Guess what it is?

Zane: No.

Thorn: Moody bastard! 

Zane: You're meant to stick with one word.

Thorn: Oh get competive are we? Okay then moody bastard let's hear your's.

Zane: No. I'm not playing this.

Thorn: Fine, let's build an ice palace with your powers instead.

Zane: N-O spells no!

Thorn: Don't say No, just let it go!


Let It Go!

Let It Go!

Can't hold it back anymore! Sing with me!

Zane: Oh okay I will let it go! You are a bitch!


Zane: No it isn't, I am simply pissed with you

Thorn: Speaking like a commoner keep it coming, this is bonding alright

Zane: NO IT ISN'T!

Thorn: Mr No Man should be your new nickname say Yes for once it may change your life...

Zane: NO!

Thorn: Oh let it go! Let it go... (sings on driving Zane insane)  

The End

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