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This is a Parody but personally I don't find it as funny as my others, (you might think differently) trying to get into the head of another character was harder than I thought. Also you note this is written in prose rather than the typical script. This is to match the letter format of Lit- Lover's Letters Of Admiration. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Dear Annika.

This Is Ravi, considering we on Protagonize have heard Your side of the story I think It's about time you listened to mine. 

Okay on during the science project did my voice really sound all deep like Hot Chocolate? not that it's important 

(He is currently admiring himself in the mirror) 

... No it's not important at all, I was just wondering really, oh and don't worry I didn't think you sounded like a mouse on drugs, more like a you swallowed to much helium and were on drugs at the same time. Don't take this as an insult it was kinda funny to chat with someone different rather the cool gang. See! I did it too, used Italics for the word "Cool" dunno why, maybe there not cool after all. But we are after everything we've been through.  

(P.S Do I really smile that often? Well, when I'm around you? Because when I look at my reflection I'm scowling most of the time) 

And I wasn't stalking you in library! I like Lord of The Rings! That's the truth! The Hobbit question just caught me off guard that's all! I know all of the hobbit people! Their werewolves and the rings sparkle don't they? Like diamonds? And the main chick in Lord of The Ring's falls for a vampire kid.

See? I know my Lord of The Rings. 

(Not realising he overheard it from some Twi-Hard fans and mistook it for Lord Of The Rings) 

Anyway Alia is indeed Queen B and you have every right to hate her, I do too, she just came up to me and dragged into the cool gang they were all annoying to be honest. When I came to sit with you it was a welcome break and It was true that you looked lonely on the table.

Who gave a crap if everyone else was watching us? I'd give them the middle finger personally, I don't know why there so interested to be honest. Nosy Gits. Maybe because we disobeyed almighty Queen Alia and her subjects were aroused to a sense of danger. Still maybe she liked me solely on the fact I'm good looking.

Ah! Okay I'm joking, I'm not good looking at all, but maybe you can describe my best features, y'know describe me as a 6 foot 5 stallion with jet black hair and strong jawline and...

(Writes on while admiring himself)

I mean not that it matters at all, I'm just curious.

And as for the little girl I had to look after, she was sweet, the conversation just sorta came to me, but I'm charmed you found it "cute" never the less.

Anyway I'd better off, I'll write some more when I get the chance.



The End

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