BUTTERFLYKISSES and GardeniasCastle- Tainted Tales Of A Tormented Heart ParodyMature

Emma and Jess belong to BUTTERFLYKISSES and GardeniasCastle

Emz and Jesz belong to me.

Basically this parody mocks stories out there that are written awfully, and what happens when a bad story clashes with a good one (Where Tainted Tales of a tormented heart comes in) As Emz and Jesz are not (in any way) like Jess and Emma from the story. As Jess and Emma are the polar opposites to Jesz and Emz. This is simply a parody of what Jess and Emma would do meeting their polar opposites.

Hope you enjoy!

(Jesz and Emz enter the scene with Jess and Emma)

Jesz: OMG MAN! Dat man woz staring at me?

Emz: Nah way?

Jesz: Yah way, like srlsy, what da fuck, pedo...?

Jess (whispering to Emma): What in the world are they saying?

Emma: I'll try and translate...

Emz: But meh beyfiend sed i was 9 outta 10, eye woz so like, dis bodeh is like a 10 bab...

Emma: (translating) But my Boyfriend Said I was a 9 out of 10 in terms of how pretty I was, I got mad and I was like my body is worth a 10, baby.

Jess: Thanks for clearing that up Em.

Jesz: AW MY GAWD JESZ, GOTTA TAKE SELFIE'S WIV MY NEW BEZZA! (Goes right up to a startled Jess)

Jess: Again, who are you? And why did you two randomly approach us?

Jesz: Cause, yam like our bezza's cause, wee ave the same names, doe we?

Jess: No, not really.

Emz: But yam like us? Aren't ya?

Emma: No, for one grab a dictionary and learn english. And Two, were are nothing like you.

Emz: Ya am, yam rom a storee bout boys and vamps.

Emma: Tyler and David aren't vampires.

Jesz: So y'am vamps?

Emma: NO! 

Jesz: Da hell! Who am ya then!?

Jess: Normal girls, who have just been through a lot.

Emz: So... (long pause) you're werewolves then?

Jess: NO!

Jesz: But wee cn bee fwiends rght?

Emma: Jesus Christ the grammar and spelling here is a disgrace! 

Emz: If ya doe wana beee frwiends wiv us, (glares darkly) then well make ya!

Jess: A threat in english is a lot more effective trust me.


Jesz: Okay but first, lemme take a selfie...

Jess: Sweet Jesus, what are these things!

Emma: Get back Jess, I know what were dealing with.

Jess: What's that?

Emma: They look like they've crawled straight out of a twilight fanfic, a very bad one at that.

Jess: Then why are they stalking us! 

Emma: It appears these characters have gotten lost, and our now latching onto us, as we are similarly named. They'll plan to turn us like them, and then they'll do the same too every story on the site.

Jess: What the hell do we do! I can't fight too well I'm pregnant!

Jesz (from distance and taking naked selfies of herself and sending them to her boyfriend(s)): OMGZ! WHAT A SLAGGG! 

Jess: That is so hypocritical, it's beyond words. Besides I love Tyler! I am the age to have kids! How old are you! 14!? 

Jesz: 13! GET IT RIGHT!

Jess: This just keeps getting worse.

Emma: There like the darker sides to us.

Jess: No they are the darkest.

Emz (typing away): Gnna knck some b%^&!&s out! #BadBitches

Emma: I have an idea! You're vampires right!?


Emma: Yeah, yeah we get it! (Produces holy water) this ought to do the trick then.


(Emma throws the water over the girls, they begin to scream and melt)

Jesz and Emz: Im Melfing! Melfing! 

Jess: Even if death, they fail at spelling.

(Jesz and Emz melt to a puddle, until all that is left are heaps of their clothes)

Jess: Well that was quick.

Emma: Thank God.

Jess: So where were we?

Emma: Going to see Tyler.

Jess: Right let's go.

(They walk on, as if the encounter never happened) 

The End

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