GabrielBlackLighting: The Midway ParodyMature

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(Gabriel, Dawn, Deacon, Sylver, Armantine and Morgan enter the scene, with Aura behind them in chains)

Gabriel: It's over everyone, we have caught my mother, and her reign of terror will end.

Dawn: Yeah it will.

Deacon: That sounded so weird coming from the God of the Underworld.

Dawn: Well what can ya say? I do have a softer side (winks at Gabriel)

Gabriel: Not now Dawn, we have business to attend too.

Dawn (mocking him): Not now, we have business to attend too. Lighten up Gab! We just caught this bitch! We can celebrate!

Gabriel: Don't call me Gab, or I'll string you guts up and...

Dawn: Heard it all before Gab.

Deacon: You don't want to know what sort of emotional waves I'm getting from Gabriel right now.

Dawn: Oh trust me, I know.

Gabriel: Look you guys you can go celebrate... whatever. I need to decide what to do with her.

Dawn: And when your mother's dead, then what? (Mocks his deep voice) I need to decide this, the fate of the universe will be centred upon which flavour Ice cream I buy.

(Deacon, Armantine, Sylver and Morgan burst out laughing)

Gabriel: That wasn't funny.

Dawn: Somewhere, in a lost galaxy beyond the known universe, Gabriel's funny bone, still floats around, waiting to be discovered.

(More laughter)

Aura: As amusing as it is to watch you idiots laugh yourselves to death. I must admit I'm getting bored here.

Dawn: Like mother, like son, hey Gabriel?

Gabriel: Shut up! All of you, I don't need this right now!

Sylver: Oh come on Gabriel, I think Dawn's right we just want to see you crack a smile for once!

Dawn: I still don't understand how you (points at Sylver) are his brother. And you are also related to him. (points at Morgan)

Morgan: Maybe the depressing gene skips a generation?

Sylver: Maybe, maybe.

Aura: None of you are acting like royals! You! Morgan you little lady... I wouldn't call you a lady even if...

Morgan: (cutting her off): Actually that is kinda weird, me being called Morgan and my male relatives with the names of Sylver and Gabriel?

Sylver: Your point?

Morgan: I can't say both your names without thinking of you guys as my two bickering old sisters.

(Dawn laughs at this, Gabriel enters a 9 on the "I'm so angry at everyone right now" Scale. Aura is on a solid 10)

Dawn: We all have quirky names, I'll admit.

Armantine: Not me, I'm Armantine, my name is Godlike.

Morgan: It sounds more like a new sort of French dish to me.

Armantine: I'm Armantine bitches. My name is awesome all your arguments are invalid.

Morgan: But..

Armantine: INVALID!

(Everyone is silent)

Dawn: Well... shall we get on with things?

Aura: Yes, please just shove my head on a spike already, it will be relief to get away from you people.

Morgan: Don't act so high and mighty Aura.

Aura: I am high and mighty and you wanna know why?

(She pauses before belting out into song)

Aura: Because... I'm Boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. I'm a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch...

Gabriel: Making me the boss ass son then. 

Sylver: And I am?

Gabriel: The slob that lives off welfare.

(Dawn cracks a huge smile) 

Dawn: Gab, what is this? Is this... humour I see?

Gabriel: Dawn...

Dawn: Everyone gather round! (They do) Today, is an historic day. GABRIELBLACKLIGHTING HAS TOLD A JOKE!

(Mass celebration occurs, Gabriel looks over to his mother, for once they both have something in common) 

The End

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