LesovikkDroa and TheLiteraryGeek: The Protagonize Challenge ParodyMature

Lez and Lit are creations of LesovikkDroa and TheLiteraryGeek

Lez: So, Lit, I had an idea.

Lit: I thought we were done with the whole "My poetry is better than yours" Or your adventure stories are better than mine". Let's just call a truce already.

Lez: No, you don't understand. We need to team up.

(Lit's eyes raise in surprise, intrigued, she leans in closer) 

Lit: What's the issue?

Lez: I have noticed a disturbance in the natural balance on this site.

Lit: Go on. Is there a troll on Protag?

Lez: No, someone much worse.

Lit: Who?

Lez: There's this author, some new hotshot called AMCOLIN96 who thinks he can parody every story on this site.

Lit: That's awful.

Lez: His already made a parody out of my story "My Killer App"  and GardeniasCastle's Mafia Story. Who knows what'll he do next.

Lit: Oh God, My stories could be next in the firing line.

Lez: And if our works get parodied, we'll just been seen as jokes! We'll never retain our positions as the most recommended authors on the site.

Lit: Acutally that's Cassandramorrow.

Lez: Well the top rated authors then!

Lit: That's Artemisian.

Lez: Jesus Christ! We need to be very the best there ever was.


I wanna be the very best-

author there ever was

To gain a rec is a great deal 

To get some fav's is my cause! 

I will travel across the site

Searching far and wide...

Lit: WAIT! I have an idea! 

Lez: Hey! That was jam you know.

Lit: Well if we want to discredit this guy, we'll just have to rate all his works as a one star!

Lez: Fucking Brilliant! Or we could teach the shit-head by flagging all his works as Inappropriate.

Lit: A bit rich coming from you right now. But yeah that's what we'll do!

Lez: And our works will remain untouched by his slander.

Lit: We'll take the Parody Works of Protagonize, and we'll gather our forces, gather GardeniasCastle, Trish, wpr, BUTTERFLYKISSES, Fitzy, SortaSixteen, Lit-Lover, anyone we can find. And we shall rebel against this new force!


Voice: I don't need too. I already have.

(Liz and Lez gasp as AMCOLIN96 or Amz, enters the scene)

Lez: You! So the enemy admits defeat! 

Amz: Oh no, I've already outsmarted you, can't you see?

Lit: See what?

Amz: You're in a parody right now. I'm making a parody of your parody, the Protagonize Challenge.

Lez: That's a load of crap! You can't parody a parody work!

Amz: Can and have, everything your saying right now, is being influenced by me.

Lit: Oh My God, my head! I can't make sense of this!

Amz: You've been parodied, the pair of you. In my script format.

Lez: NO! This is a story... or a poem... or something...!

Amz: No, you're not even real. You're just constructs of your authors imagination. Which I have warped into this parody, parody work. You're not even real. 


Amz: I never lie. You know it's true.


Amz (with evil grin): Once every work on the site has fallen victim to my work. I shall rise to the top. I shall become the top rated and most recommended author here, and you shall all cower in my shadow. Any author or work that dares try and defy me will be made a parody out of. Hence nobody will it seriously!

Lez: You evil bastard!

Amz: Language, tut, tut.

Lez: Says you, with your works.

Amz: My scripts are undoubtedly confusing, yet then I was fool. I was new. Now I know how things work. How I shall rule over this site with an iron fist. The days of Cassandramorrow and Artemisian shall soon be over! 

Lit: Not if we can stop it! The power of all us authors shall defy you!

Amz: I think not. You are not even real. I can erase from existence when I please.


(Amz erases them from existence)

Amz: Honestly, so much babble. Anyway (addressing anyone reading this page) Anyone dare protest against me? Dare to defy me? You try and you will see what happens. 


Amz: Do you dare, put up a.. shall we say... Challenge, against me? 

The End

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