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Basically a new collab in which I'm setting up, in which I (and others if you feel like adding something) parody a certain story on this site.
1) Put the name of the author followed by the story/work you want to parody.
2) I will start in my script format, from my previous work. But anyone can write in any sort of prose if they wish.
3) Don't make it offensive, or personal to the author themselves.
4) Stick to characters in the story etc...
5) Enjoy

All characters belong to GardeniasCastle.

(Angel, Jem, Rayne, Pink Haired Granny, The Godfather, Dmitry, TJ and Sebastian are gathered on a sofa) 

Angel: Right, so we know why we are all here.

(They look across at one another)

Angel: It's a matter, of serious importance. 

(They nod) 

Angel: With my parents dying in that plane crash, we need to get the people that did it...

TJ: Wait, I thought we were having Pizza.

Rayne: Really, a pizza is a matter of serious importance?

TJ: It is to me.

The Godfather: And It's little wonder, we get stereotyped as fat idiots with pencil mustaches, with you running around TJ.  

TJ: I'm just saying, a family meal would be nice, that's all.

Angel: Well were not here for that, we are here to "get" the people that killed my parents.

TJ: What do you mean by "get"? 

Pink Haired Granny: Yeah it is kind of confusing. 

The Godfather: You should really think these things through Angel, christ.

(Angel turns to Rayne for support) 

Rayne: Sorry babe, it is kinda confusing.

(Angel slumps in defeat) 

Sebastian: It's okay Angel, I know how you feel.

TJ: Why is this twat even here? You're not part of the family.

Sebastian: I have a name you know.

TJ: One I can't be bothered to remember.

Sebastian: Oh and I suppose TJ, stands for Total Jerk? Am I right?


Rayne: Dude, relax, just pretend his not there. Heck I forgot he was even there his that irrelevant.

Sebastian: HEY! I'm... I'm... badass! I have a presence.

Angel: No, you're just some weirdo cop that stalks me.

Sebastian: (going red) I don't stalk you. 

The Godfather: You always stick your bloody nose into things, that don't concern you. 

Sebastian: I just want to check that Angel's okay.

TJ: Yeah sure. (whispers loudly to Rayne) he-wants-to-bang-your-girlfriend.


Angel: (Going pink) We- Well that was a fake relationship. No feelings there. (laughs nervously) 

Rayne: Yeah, she's all mine. (Pulls her to him) ain't that right Dmirty?

(No answer) 

Rayne: Dmirty?

(No answer)

Rayne: What are you doing?

Dmirty: Don't interrupt me, I'm gazing at nothing and being the sexy one. 

The Godfather: I am surrounded, by empty, headed, idiots.

Angel: Can we get back to the point now that's been cleared?

Jem: Okay, (there is a short pause) I erm... liked your blue hair Angel.

Angel: Jesus...

Rayne: Who cares if she had blue hair?

Pink Haired Granny: I heard she went clubbing as well.

Angel: It was a wig! And that's rich from the pink haired, old bag, here.

Pink Haired Granny: Please, blue hair? It's a no go. Think Pink.

Angel: Pink? At your age.

Pink Haired Granny: Shows I'm badass.

Sebastian: Oh, so she's a badass, but I'm not?

Jem: Shut up! Anyone here, is more than badass than you.

Sebastian: I'll prove you all wrong. You'll see.

Angel: I'm going to chuck some knives in a minute if we don't get back to the main point! 

TJ: Angel's right! We all need a pizza to chill out! 

Rayne: That wasn't the point...! 

The Godfather (louder than anyone): EVERYONE QUIET! 

(Everyone is silent) 

The Godfather: Right, I'm settling this, once and for all. 

(He goes to draw something from his blazer, everyone freezes in fear)

The Godfather: You have left me with no other choice...

(He pulls out his phone, and dials in a number, and finally there's an answer)

The Godfather: Hello, is this Pizza Express? Yeah I'd like to order...

(Angel sighs and slumps in defeat)

(As TJ celebrates) 

The End

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