The pain of loveMature

this story explain the truth about love

 In life everyone falls in love, but there always one person wants, and that is to change the one that they love. I don't believe that is right if you truly love someone, you shouldn't have to change anything about yourself; then again I just contradicted myself. I say this because of my experience. I have been in love before and still is  until this day; I would do anything to keep her even through she broke my heart. Her personality is still breating down on me. Her charisma is still over willing towards my soul. the words she speaks tell  my future of happiness. That was until that horrible night. That night which i can never forget her tone of remorse. I still remember the exect words she use to destoryed, my shatter heart that lie irreparable. so I guesses nothing is written into stone and no one can for tell the future and to let all of those who read this story of what happen to me remember those you truly love, cherish them becuase i didn't and it lead me to regret so many things and it's killing me in the end. But now i found a new hope anthor light at the end of tunnel.  But it still a choice on wheather look back torwards the dark or have the courge to look away, and start again? now thats the true pain of love. As painful as it is to reenter that pain. There is no real reason, maybe   it is the fear of being alone so that my theory. Other would say it's becuase of true love. I say bullshit to that. if it was true love there would be no need for change there, would be no figthing, There would be only trust.

The End

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